2021 International Conference on Economic Development and Business Culture (ICEDBC 2021)

Welcome Assoc. Prof. Chen Shanang from The school of Economics, Xiamen University to be the keynote speaker of ICEDBC 2021

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Assoc. Prof. Chen Shanang

The school of Economics, Xiamen University


Research Area:capital market,  foreign exchange market, wealth management

Brief introduction of your research experience:

In 1990, Dr. Chen graduated with a master's   degree and have been teaching in the school ever since. He was promoted to   associate professor at Xiamen University in 2000. He received his PhD in   Economics (Finance) in 2003. In 1992, He started to participate in the   practice of China's capital markets, including the primary market and   secondary market, and integrated the practical experience into his teaching   and research.


Speech Title:  Structural Reform and Risk Defusing on Financial Supply-Side


While the financial industry promotes economic growth, financial risks continue to accumulate. However, in the economic downturn, financial risks will enter the period of concentrated exposure. The financial system with indirect financing mainly contains huge financial risks. Supply-side structural reform of the financial sector is an inevitable option for defusing systemic financial risks.

Main contents of this speech:

China's financial system characteristics and financial risk performance;

Innovative instruments in bond market ;

Increase the proportion of equity financing;

Guide household savings to be converted into equity investment